I stayed awake until the shaft caved in

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Tankini Swimwear I beg to differ, i started (but did not finish an introductory to Computer Science course at an un named uni and dropped out partially because i couldn understand several of my “teachers”, one had a severe Asthma related speech impediment where they could only speak 2 3 words per breath the third word being wheezy, also their volume was barely audible, even me sitting front row center i had difficulty hearing coherently, another teacher in the core subject (programming) had such a thick Baltic/Slavic Accent that even the sign language interpreter for the one deaf student had to ask her to repeat things said. (the interpreter disappeared within weeks and the deaf student as well) before i left i questioned some of the other students if they were having trouble understanding the teacher (not the work) and they too agreed, when i bought this up in a meeting with an administrator about leaving and having my fee refunded, they told me they had heard the same from multiple students. Yet nothing was done.. Tankini Swimwear

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