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On Los Gatos Almaden Road. A man was arrested for being drunk in public. Another man was arrested for public intoxication on N. WASHINGTON At many public universities, millions of dollars in financial aid are going to students from wealthy families instead of low income students, according to the Education Trust. The amount of aid that flagship state universities gave to students whose parents make at least $115,000 a year increased 28 percent between 2003 and 2007, totaling $361.4 million in 2007, the trust said. The report suggests the universities silver pendant, in hopes of boosting national rankings, neglect their states diverse populations in favor of higher achieving students.

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fashion jewelry 3. In 2003, the Antwerp Diamond Center in Belgium, was robbed of over 62m worth of diamonds. The Antwerp Diamond Center holds 160 underground vaults that are used to hold diamonds. Because parking can sometimes be at a premium in the second most densely populated city in the country, public transportation is always a good option, with a handful San Francisco Muni bus lines serving the Haight from downtown and elsewhere and BART and Muni serving the Mission District. The following are five of the best vintage stores in San Francisco.Related: See our previous version of Best Vintage Stores In San Francisco here.Located in the heart of the Haight Ashbury District, Held Over has been selling hip retro clothing and fashion accessories for 35 years. The fabled intersection of Haight Ashbury made famous during the 1967 “Summer of Love” is just a few steps away, with many storefronts still proudly reminding visitors of the counter cultural movement influenced by the Vietnam War. fashion jewelry

trinkets jewelry Pillich: This Air Force veteran and lawyer misses an opportunity in her second ad to more closely tie Mandel to Canton businessman Ben Suarez. Federal prosecutors tried Suarez this year on charges that he illegally funneled contributions to Mandel’s 2012 Senate campaign. Though a jury acquitted Suarez of all but an obstruction of justice charge, the case showed how Mandel tried to please Suarez trinkets jewelry.